Monday , February 18 2019

Google Confute charges says,there is no gender pay gap between the employees

Google confutes charges and says there is no gender gap

Google says that there is no discrimination against the women employees as it analyzed 52 major job categories last year and found no gender pay gap.

The search engine giant Google said that the administration has taken back the claim about the discrimination of the female employees in the company by not paying an equal pay as it is paying for the male employees.

Google said that the conducted “rigorous analyses” that the pay practices are gender-blind and came to know that there is no gender pay gap between the employees in the major 52 job categories which it analyzed last year.

The company also added that the analysts who calculated the pay don’t have access to the employee’s gender data.

The Department of Labor (DoL) testified in the federal court that the company is discriminating the female employees and also claims that there is an evidence of the “systemic compensation disparities” across the company workforce.

The company stated that beyond the gender pay equity among the employees, the company also prolonged the analysis to cover the race in the United States.

On Tuesday, the company responded in a blog post that the US Department of Labor (DoL) has not provided any data or methodology and it has already produced hundreds of thousands of documents in response to 18 separate appeals and the administration is seeking, even more, documents including the contact details of the employees.

It also added that the DoL had no comments as the case was in ongoing process.

Tim Worstall, a fellow at the Adam Smith Institute in London wrote in a Forbes post that the difference between the Google’s and the Labor Department’s assertions might come down to how each side defines the gender pay discrimination.

He also wrote that the company is making the use of a strict definition of the ‘same job ‘to prove that there is no gender pay gap and the Department of Labor (DoL) is using a looser definition of ‘similar job’ to find that there is one. Who you think is right here is entirely up to you but that’s where the disagreement is.”

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