Thursday , January 17 2019

Google Cloud precedes aim at Microsoft users with latest Windows VMs

Google announced many latest products today aimed at luring IT pros who are using Windows in their data centers to the Google Cloud Platform.


Keeping in mind, Google introduced support for Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise and Windows Server Core on the Google Cloud Platform. In addition, the company declared support for SQL Server Always-On Availability Group for users who are concerned about high obtainability and disaster recovery when running critical operations in a cloud setting.

What this means in practical terms is that IT pros can at present launch pre-configured virtual machines functioning any of these products on Google Cloud Platform, and wage for them by the minute — or they can bring an existing SQL Server license they have already paid for.

Chris Sells, lead product manager for Google Cloud Developer Tools states this is part of a wider strategy to support Windows products on GCP. Initially, he states, it display’s Google’s ready to take on enterprise users running these Windows products. Secondly, it’s part of a superior effort that began previous year when Google began assisting other Windows products such SQL Server 2008 and 2012. Today’s declaration is just an extension of that.

Perhaps more prominently, it also affords an alternative for companies that don’t want to essentially be tied to Microsoft but still need to run Microsoft products. “Microsoft provides these abilities and they own Windows and SQL Server, but we are the verdict that lots of users are looking for alternatives to Microsoft,” notes Sells. By assisting these kinds of products, GCP is hoping to trap these people to their platform.

It’s part of a larger story that began when Diane Greene came on board to run Google Cloud at the end of 2015. Greene brought with her years of enterprise experience, with her stint as co-founder and CEO at VMware. As Greene said TechCrunch last spring, the enterprise is “becoming a super exciting place” and she visibly wants to lead Google Cloud Platform to get a piece of that action.

Sells states they look this announcement as part of bringing Greene’s enterprise vision to fruition, and while it’s only a minor piece of that overall enterprise push, it is part of a deliberate effort to capture more traditional enterprise market share and forward it to Google’s cloud.

“We want to make ensure we have a good place to put their data. If it’s in SQL Server and they want to place it there, we assist them,” he states.

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