Saturday , February 16 2019

Google Calendar App finally available for iPad users


Google launched Google Calendar app for iPad users, which was not previously available for the users. The app is launched with version 2.0.0 with the latest update.

The search engine giant Goggle has launched a new app for the users of iPad with the latest and updated features. The company launched Google Calendar application for the tablet users. The calendar App is already available to the iPhone users, but with the new update, it is launched in iPad as well.

The app is available in all the Android smartphones, web and Android tablets. The new update of the Calendar app is released with the version 2.0.0 with optimised features.

Google Calendar App for iPad users

The updated app gets different features like In different ways the users can view the Google calendar app and even they can switch to years, months, weeks and day. It also adds the Gmail events whatever you get into your Gmail account. For example, if you get an email about having an interview at 9:00 clock, then it notifies the user about the event making him alert. It may be of anything hotel, restaurant, and Flight.

The app also allows the users to set the goals, and also ask the users to schedule the time for the desired goal. It also helps the users to make the quick events with titles and places.

For the iPad users, it allows searching the app easily through the home screen with a spotlight search. In the iPad, the Google introduced a new feature of smart scheduling feature which helps to know about the meeting times and also informs about the availability of rooms in your office based on the team availability. The new feature is quite different to the native app on iPad.
The Calendar app is available for free and the users can download it.

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The Goal feature in the Calendar app allows to integrate with Google Fit and Apple Health applications which help the users to stay on track with their aspiration. By this integration, it records your activates and marks as the goal as Done, which is automatically detected by the Calendar App.

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