Tuesday , April 23 2019

Google announces updates for Allo And Duo apps

Google adds new features to its Allo messaging app and Google Duo, where it allows the users only for audio calls in Duo and file sharing in Allo.

Google on Wednesday announced that it would offer an audio-only option on its Google Duo to help users communicate using poor-quality connections.

Google Announces updates on Allo, Duo

It also updated the Allo messaging app by adding a feature that allows the users to share the files in group chats.

The Duo was launched by Google in August, which allows the users to make video calls on iOS and Android against Microsoft video calling app “Skype”, Apple iPhones “Face Time” and Facebook “Messenger.”

The new feature of audio calling would be firstly available to the users in Brazil after that it would be rolled out to all the users around the world.

In a blog post, Google Vice President for Product Management Mario Queiroz said, the new audio call feature will work on all the connection speed and will be data effective.

With more than 139 million people online, Brazil ranks among the top five Internet populations in the world.

The new feature of Allo messaging app allows the users to share documents and other files in different formats – .pdf, .docs, .apk, .zip, and mp3.

It also said it was developing two new features for Google Photos on Android and iOS to make backup and sharing easier on low connectivity.

Announcing the new features, in a blog post, Queiroz said, “Now your photos will back up automatically in a lightweight preview quality that’s fast on 2G connections and still looks great on the smartphones.”

He also stated that when a stronger Wi-Fi connection becomes available, backed up photos would be changed with high-quality versions.

It also said it was adding a new location sharing feature in Google Maps to allow users to let friends and family know where they were and when they would arrive at their destination.

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