Tuesday , March 26 2019

Google Allo update makes it simple to access Assistant and GIFs

google alo

Google has a number of dissimilar messaging options, and one of them is Allo, which launched last year.

On its surface, Allo has several of the similar features like the other messaging apps have, but the one element that makes it stand out is built-in access to Google Assistant. The digital assistant is discovery its way to a change of dissimilar Google products (including Android Wear 2.0), and now Google is making it simple to access the feature in Allo.

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Up until the most current update, calling up Assistant in Allo meant that you had to type out “@google” and then go from there. Present Allo has a dedicated button to call up Assistant. It’s in the same box where you’ll create your message, right next to the icon used to search for stickers.

That icon is also getting an upgrade. Google Allo help GIFs, and the app has supported typing in “@lucky” and then inputting a quick search term to bring up a chance GIF based on your search parameters. But, if you don’t always require to leave your perfect GIF up to unplanned chance, Google is now making it possible to search for the proper one. Just tap on the emoji suggestion box and swipe all the way to the right.

google allow1

Allo now also assists giant animated emoji, bolstered by the new “shout” feature. So if you really want to get that emoji noticed, making it bigger and animated might support.

Google states the update for Allo on Android begins rolling out today. iOS users will get it “soon.”

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