Tuesday , March 26 2019

Google Allo to set Web client feature just like Whatsapp

Google Allo

Google Allo latest version 9.0 is rolling out for the users and the new version suggests that it hints a web client feature which is similar to Whatsapp.

The Allo app of Google updated with the latest version of 9.0 and the app also brought the hints that the similar feature of Whatsapp like a web client will feature in the Allo app. The app was updated along with the bug fixes and improvements.

According to the 9to5Google reports, the latest update of the Google Allo works just like the Whatsapp. By using the scanner QR code the application allows the users to pair their mobiles with the web client. It also provides another method to pair with the web using the text code.

Google Allo web client feature

Google’s VP of Communications Products, Nick Fox teased of an upcoming web client for Allo, and now the latest update of Allo 9.0 suggests that it will work similar to how WhatsApp Web client works.

In Whatsapp, the web client pairing is done in a simple and pretty good manner and the application imposes the limitations to the web client like the phone needs to be placed in the surrounding near the area when setting to connect to the device. The data connection needs to be enabled on both of the pairing devices to work seamlessly. The Whatsapp web client is still yet to arrive and it clearly depicts that the Google Allo is also adopting the same features just like Whatsapp web client and the app is not opting for the standalone capabilities.

Google Allo pairing the device

The 9to5Google reports the latest version of Google Allo 9.0 code also reveals that there are many other upcoming features like the capability to back up the Allo chats and media content on External Storage and Google Drive.

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The code also reveals that a new ‘quick selfie’ feature will be there in the Allo app which will allow the users to instantly take the selfies and can send them quickly in the mid-conversation. Incognito chats are limited to individuals, for now, group incognito chats could arrive in the future as well.

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