Tuesday , March 26 2019

Google Allo now turns your selfies into Personalized Stickers

Google Allo

Google Allo added a new feature which turns users selfies into stickers using the machine learning technology.

The Search Engine giant Google messaging app Google Allo added a new feature which allows the users to create their own selfies in the form of the Personalised stickers and emojis. Recently, the messaging app added a feature called Chat Backup feature which got nearly 50 million downloads. The new feature which turns user’s selfies into personalized stickers was in line with the concept of the popular Bitmoji app which creates cool avatars of the user’s photograph. The new Feature is currently available for the Android users and sooner it will get into the iOS version.

The new feature which was updated by Google Allo was not new and it is already available in the Bitmoji app and the Google uses the same feature with a combination of neural networks and the work of artists. The messaging app uses the Machine Learning technique to map the selfies and to produce the color, structure, and animation for the stickers. Further, the stickers will be customized based on the user’s preference.

Google Allo New Feature

In a Blog Post, Jennifer Daniel who is the Google’s Expressions Creative Director for Allo says that to create an illustration of the users which capture the qualities and would make it recognizable to your friends, we have worked with an artistic team to create an illustration that represents a wide variety of features. The Artists initially designed a set of hairstyles, for example, that they would be representative and with the help of the human rates we used the hairstyles to train the network and to match the right illustration to the right selfie.”

The new feature of Google Allo creates the Stickers and emojis belonging to all the people of all genders, races, and color. The Company noted that the creation of the emojis and stickers is not an end and it is the beginning where the efforts are aimed to let the users create something that feels like themselves, to themselves.

The new feature uses the advancement of machine learning and the algorithm’s which are used for creating the stickers.

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