Sunday , March 24 2019

Google Accused of Discriminating Against Female Employees

Google discrimination against Female Employees

The US Department of Labour(DoL) has accused Google of discriminating its women employess by paying them less than the male employees.

The Department of Labour(DoL) testified in the Federal court that the search engine Giant Google is discriminating the women employees in the company.

The company is discriminating the female employees by not paying an equal pay, as it is paying to the male employees.
Some of the officials of Department of Labour told the Guardian Friday Newspaper, that the company is discrimination the female employees and also claims that there is an evidence of “systemic compensation disparities”.

Three days before On the Equal Pay Day, the company announced that it had “closed the Gender pay Gap globally.”

Earlier in the week, the company tweeted “Let’s make every day #EqualPayDay. All employers can take steps to eliminate the gender and race pay gaps, today.”

Some of the officials of Department of Labour said that the administration has gathered the information that points towards the infraction of federal employment laws by the Google.

Moreover, in the recent years, the Silicon Valley has come under fire for being unfriendly to women with sexual harassment allegations and inequality in gender bias.

Janette Wipper, regional director of DoL, testifying in a San Francisco court, says that they have found a systemic compensation disparities against women pretty much across the entire workforce.

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He also added that the investigation about the discrimination of the women employees in Google is not completed, but till now investigation points towards discrimination against women is very extreme.

Google Spokesperson says that each and every year the company makes a comprehensive and robust analysis of pay across genders and didn’t found any gender pay gap between the employees. It was an unproven statement which the company had heard for the first time in the federal court and the DoL has not provided any data or methodology.

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