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Good Samaritan Technician Helps Workers in Gulf

HYDERABAD: Workers in Telangana in distress in the Gulf countries find a helping hand in a computer professional in the city. Thopali Srinivas, 46, works for a reputable multinational and his work takes him to the Gulf countries on several occasions. While he is passionate about his job, his soul leads him to touch the people who need help.

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There are many cases of Telangana workers who suffer in the Gulf for various reasons. There are cases of trafficking in human beings and the sexual exploitation of female workers outside of financial exploitation by employers. “I am moved by the fate of our people when I see them in trouble,” Srinivas told.

 Good Samaritan Technician Helps Workers in Gulf Countries

Earlier this month, Srinivas met Shivaratri Satish in Muscat, Oman. The 37-year-old boy from Surbiryal to Armoor, Nizamabad, had an expired visa, was out of work and did not know how to get back to India. “I noticed him near the embassy and asked what his problem was,” Srinivas said. He then wrote to the Indian Embassy in Oman, which quickly contacted him to provide assistance.

Similarly, 17 Indians, who were retrenched by a company in Oman, have difficulties without treatment for the last four months. Of these, eight are from Sircilla, Warangal and Nizamabad to Telangana. Srinivas reported to the Ministry of External Affairs, which takes steps to save the workers.

“It is not just a matter of taking questions to the embassies, we must pursue them so that ultimately the person who is going through difficulties gets out of his problems,” Srinivas said.

Hafijabanu of Gujarat, who was rescued from his employer in Saudi Arabia, also owes his release to the efforts of Srinivas. Her employer tortured and sexually harassed her. Srinivas is committed to solving his problem with the embassy of India in the country.

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A woman from Visakhapatnam, who was in a similar situation, was rescued, Srinivas even paying her air travel to India. Srinivas, who is also a member of the basic committee of BJP IT cell, has a motto: Help everything.

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Good Samaritan Technician Helps Workers in Gulf
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