Tuesday , March 26 2019

Good news for Gmail Users: A new update in Gmail

Google Gmail account will allow users to receive emails with attachments up to 50MB.

Gmail is the most widely-used email service provider across the globe, with more than one billion users worldwide. Now Google Update a New feature of Gmail. The new feature of Google is updating the attachment function for its email service -Gmail, which will allow users to receive mails with attachments up to 50MB.

Google Gmail

This means the users will be able to get more files,  photos or other downloads in their email than ever before.

Till now, Google allows the users to receive the emails with an attachment of 25MB and beyond 25MB there is no access for receiving the data. However, the fact that Google has introduced a new larger limit that allows the users to receive an attachment of 50MB and the size limit for outgoing email is still restricted to 25MB.

Google still prefers to use Google Drive if the user wants to send bigger files or attachments, where subscribers can send files up to 5TB in size.

However, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations are limited, with the former capped at 50MB, and the latter only allowing transitions up to 100MB.

Google wrote in an official blog post that, “Sending and receiving attachments is an important part of email exchanges.” The new feature of Gmail is rolling out the change now. The Users will start seeing it over the next few days.

However, in order to see the new feature of Gmail, the Gmail users need to update their Gmail app, so be sure to visit the Google Play Store soon.

According to evaluations, around 60 percent of mid-sized companies in the US were using Google mail services.

Google Gmail is the first application in the Google Play Store to top one billion installations on Android devices, back in May 2014.

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