Thursday , March 21 2019

GoDaddy website hosting service revokes nearly 9000 SSL certificates

Godaddy is the leading Web Hosting and Domain Registration Company with great number of satisdies clients.


Domain registration and certificate authority (CA) giant GoDaddy has been forced to revoke 9000 SSL certificates after noticing that a bug presented way back in July instigated the domain validation process to fail in certain cases.

Wayne Thayer, the General Manager of security products claimed in a blog post that it initiate out about the defect – familiarized on 29 July – late previous week.

It efficiently meant that for about 2% of its clients, SSL certificates were sometimes authenticated when they shouldn’t have been.

Thayer explained:

“In a distinctive process, when a certificate authority, like GoDaddy, confirms a domain name for an SSL certificate, they deliver a random code to the client and ask them to place it in a precise location on their website. When their system hunts and finds the code, the authentication is complete.

Moreover, when the bug was announced, certain web server outlines caused the system to deliver a positive result to the search, even if the code was not known.”

The SSL certificates were revoked as a protective measure and exaggerated customers have been told new ones have been entreated at no additional cost. They merely need to log in to their account and initiate the certificate process.

The bug, which was presented through a “routine code change,” has since been fixed.

Yet, if affected patrons don’t change their certificates, guests to their sites might see error messages and warnings offered by their browser, Thayer clarified.

Go Daddy was at pains to point out this was the initial incident in the 13 years it has been delivering SSL certificates, of which there have been coarsely 10 million.

Though, Venafi chief cyber security strategist Kevin Bocek, claimed that this is not an remote incident when looking at the commerce as a whole – with parallel mistakes by GlobalSign and Symantec both leading to client disruption.

“Trust in digital certificates allows the global economy and affects every internet user, business and government but administrations rely on physical methods to manage them. To defend your business you must know the position of every SSL certificates in use and be capable to replace any of them promptly,” he added.

“As the usage of cloud, mobile and IoT devices efforts an explosion in demand for digital certificates businesses necessity to be prepared to respond to an upsurge in errors and security negotiations from SSL certificate authorities.”

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