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GoDaddy unveils first Australian marketing campaign, featuring ‘Cursor Man’

GoDaddy, the leading Website company has hurled its first locally made campaign, aiming small businesses.


GoDaddy, the world’s biggest technology provider devoted to small businesses, has hurled its first all-Australian marketing campaign to inspire SMBs to form an online visibility. The campaign ‘Cursor Man’, bent by TBWA Sydney, says the story of Mark, a small commercial owner who goes to extreme extents to make his business online, including dressing up as a real-life computer marker.

The TVC was made by Photoplay and was directed by Gary John and with an all-local. The group had leveraged a real small business’ cosmos in Harris Street, Pyrmont. The TVC will air countrywide from the month March 2017 and is reinforced by online advertising, social media, and proceedings for SMBs through the nation.

Says Tara Commerford, the vice president and managing director of GoDaddy Australia and New Zealand: “In spite of being an illusory business, Cursor Man exemplifies some of the scuffles that actual Aussie SMBs face when it originates to going online – closely 40% confess they don’t know where to begin. We have inserted certain real humor into the campaign, though at the similar time, we want to increase cognizance with small businesses through the country that constructing a website can be an easy process with GoDaddy, irrespective of their level of technical capability.

“We wanted to make a campaign that plainly shows that you don’t need to depend on tech-savvy relations or expensive expertise to get your business up and running on the internet: it takes less than an hour to start a website that can convey a real value.”

Recently, GoDaddy Survey research had highlighted that 61% of SMBs quite don’t have a business website; however, 70% of them want one in the coming days. Cost and lack of technical expertise remain the two key barriers for them to get online.

The group for the TV commercial replicates some of these insights – it starts on typical bricks and mortar store, excluding the store owner has actually changed it into an online website, whole with a web browser and domain name on the store portico. Internally, one wall is enclosed with computer icons and yellow desktop folders, and the other side is a grid-style presentation of t-shirts signifying his e-commerce website. Mark “the Cursor Man” is the main point of this campaign and will incorporate through marketing channels pointing spectators to GoDaddy’s Next Generation Website Builder, hurled in Australia just previous month.

Says Derek Craig, the marketing director, GoDaddy Australia and New Zealand: “In this campaign, we sought to capture the desire and attitude that make Aussie SMBs, and show them how they can canal those characters into an online business. Getting online is currently easier than ever and that is how we landed on the core memo, ‘So simple, even your father can do it’. This Campaign will positively serve as a cue to Australian business owners, in a funny way that making a digital incidence can have a new influence on their business.”

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