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GoDaddy Launches Website Builder Aimed At Small Businesses

GoDaddy, the world’s leading cloud platform dedicated to small, sovereign ventures had announced partnerships with WP Elevation and


Most of the businesses in Australia are at the slighter end of town and most of them are not even having a website. GoDaddy has launched a new website building amenity to tap into the small business marketplace.

Rendering to GoDaddy, about 61% of Australian small businesses quiet don’t have a website but about 71% of them said they want to have a website.

The business is now delivering a subscription-grounded website building service that comprises the cost of web hosting as well.

Although there are already a bunch of website making services out there, one of the draw cards of the GoDaddy website creator is that customers don’t have to source their own images. Over a partnership with image supplier Getty, websites can be pre-filled with instant images that are industry precise.

Throughout the build process, customers will fill out some simple information such as the name of the business and what commerce it fits it. For instance, if you stated your business fits into the daycare industry, the resultant website will be tenanted with colored pencils and joyful children; this was confirmed at the launch event and the website making process had taken about 10 minutes, all had done on a smartphone.

Policies start from $8.99 per month for a basic website. If you go up to the upper tiered tactics you will get extra services like PayPal incorporation, SSL certificates, social media assimilation and SEO abilities.

Notice you; there are disadvantages to GoDaddy’s website hosting service. For one, you won’t be capable of moving your site away if you decide to alter hosting providers. Websites that are bent are also static but then over that makes them low maintenance, which would probably to suit the small business clients.

GoDaddy is wishing to add new features, counting plugins, later down the path.

You can find out more about the GoDaddy, domain registration service over at the official website. You can try this service for free for one month.

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