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Green Colour will be the Trend in 2017

Green colour is stated the colour of 2017 by trend predictors at the Pantone Color Institute.


The most-popular colour-matching corporation Pantone has publicized that ‘Green’ will be the color of 2017. Rendering to Pantone, green colour will be the leading shade in the fashion and design trades. Pantone governs the colour of the year by revising coming trends in fashion and design industries. This year, they are planning to nurture awareness about international climatic conditions.

How can we use green in their make-up and wardrobe? How one can design their households and offices by using the shade in the impending year and stay in fashion industry? Stylists and architects express us.

Green fashion

Much of green colour can look gaudy sometimes. Stylist and fashion blogger Masoom Minawala speaks, “Greenary is such a fresh yield on the colour of coming year. Now that I consider of it, it is a rare vision in a closet! But, it is not as hard to flair it — you can find out many dresses like skirts, coats and tops in this colour and grace them with black, beige and navy. If you consider that might be so daring for your nature — only engross greenery in your fittings to play safe and accomplish an in-trend however minimalistic appearance.”

Go colourful 

Celeb make-up artist Sandy says us how one can make use of green while having their make-up. “Green colour is a beautiful colour. Though, one has to be cautious while using green in make-up. Celebs or models can carry off green simply, but it can get complicated for others. If you wish to stay in- trend, you can make use of green eye shadow. You can also put a slight green blush. If you are open to investigating, a green lipstick can also set a brave statement.”

Make your home and office a green dock

Architect Pavan Suryadevara speaks, “Definitely, Green will be the colour of the year in internal designing as well. When you are painting the walls of your home or office, just paint one wall green and the remaining in delicate shades. Hang some artefacts and attractive paintings on the green coloured wall. When it arises to furniture, use green leather or fabric sofa set. It is good to avoid green curtains, but if you certainly want to, make use of velvet.”

Rajasree Ram, Chief designer, says, “Green has many hues. You can experiment with various shades. While you are painting the walls, you can team up green with admiring colours like lemon yellow. Making use of artwork in green is the finest way to use the colour as the refrain. You can also make use of green coloured fabric for sofas and curtains. Additional way to add greenery is to use many indoor plants.”


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