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Gmail to Stop Supporting Older Chrome Versions, Windows XP and Vista

Gmail users on Chrome v53 and under will be readdressed to Gmail’s HTML version and the modification could take place by the end of this year.


Google on Wednesday had announced that Gmail will end supporting older Chrome versions by the end of 2017. The business also confirmed that Gmail users who are still on Windows Vista and Windows XP are the most expected to be exaggerated.

The business says that the newest Chrome version 55 comes with numerous significant security updates and it is one way to inspire upgrading to the modern version of Chrome. Rendering to the company, the users opening February 8, 2017, will observe a banner at the topmost of the Gmail interface for users who are still on Google Chrome browser version 53 or under. Seeing Microsoft had stopped supporting Windows Vista and Windows XP versions, Google sturdily “inspires” users to migrate to more safe and supported systems.

Now, Gmail will continue to function on Chrome browser version 53 and below over the end of the year. Chrome users who stay on older versions could be sent to the basic HTML version of Gmail as prompt as December 2017.

Particularly, users on Windows Vista and Windows XP will be affected by the change as Google plugs out that the version 49 was the previously released version which braced those operating systems. Google quoting security perils to users on older Chrome versions speaks that it will be more susceptible to security hazards.

“Google does not classically proclaim when we stop support for older versions of Chrome browser since of our present supported browser policy, which declares that only the newest versions of Chrome are sustained. This announcement was made specified the expected influence on Windows XP and Windows Vista users and identified security risks,” the company said in a declaration post.

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