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GHMC study shows politicos encroached on nalas

TRS leaders belongings sit on nalas other areas face barrage.

TRS leaders belongings sit on nalas other areas face barrage.

As per GHMC study TRS member and builder Bandi Ramesh has encroached on a 40 foot wide nalas that connects Patel cheruvu and Gangaram cheruvu, builder has constructed CBR Estates multi store flats apparently reduced the nala width to 6 feet in the procedure.

Previous Congress MLA Bikshapati has built an apartment complex of five hundred flats by intruding on a nala in Serilin gampally, the Telangana govt MLC Bhanu Prasad who had given his land for emergent the possessions has been asked to increase the width of the nala to twelve feet from the current impinged six feet all these structures had been given permission by the GHMC West Zone and head office in Hyderabad.

Survey lead by the GHMC mayor and irrigation bureaucrats recognized the encroachment and another survey has been well-ordered. Constituency of serilingampally from Deepthi Sree Nagar to Chandanagar GHMC has identified 12 houses that have been built on the nalas as report.

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From fifteen years the people of Deepthi Sree Nagar in Madinaguda of Serilingampally have been facing flood due to nala violation, water from Patel Cheruvu journeys two km finished Deepthi Sree Nagar before it drains into Gangaram cheruvu as report says, combined survey on october 18 recognized that the channel of the nala at CBR Estate has been reduced to 3to 5 feet while the genuine width rendering to Google Maps was 40 feet as mentioned.

Additional big builder was identified for totally diverting the station, Purna Chandra Rao the general secretary of Deepthi Sree Nagar welfare association spelled about it, due to change of the nala every time there is a slight deluge the water comes up to the knees, here water from Miyapur, Hafizpet travels through Deepthi Sree Nagar and drains into Gangaram cheruvu but due to the infringement we face blizzard.

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