Wednesday , February 20 2019

Ghastly images of Syrian attack provoked Trump

Syrian attack

President Donald Trump saw the ghastly images of Syrian attack  and called the chemical attack “a disgrace to humanity” and hinted that “something should happen.”

The United States strike on Syria had killed more than 80 members in the chemical blast including 30 children and 20 women in the Khan Sheikhoun town in Syrian.

The recent images depict that the men and women are gasping for breath and the small kids are foaming at the mouth and suffering physically and mentally. The bodies of the lifeless babies sprawled on the ground.

This is all because of the chemical attack ordered by the Syrian President Bashar Assad, who the U.S. would soon conclude had leashed Sarin gas, a brutal nerve toxin, on his own people.

On Thursday, nearly 60 cruise missiles fired from two ships in the Mediterranean – were the culmination of a rapid, three-day transformation for Trump, who has long opposed deeper U.S. involvement in Syria’s civil war.

After the incident mostly there are young children who are severely affected and by looking at the ghastly images of the children Trump was outraged and ordered his national security team to quickly prepare military options.

In a meeting about the nation’s business climate and the infrastructure plan, his advisers said that the images from Syria weighed the Trump and he was bothered by looking at the images of “babies” who are of the same age of his grandchildren.

Trump revealed his dismay saying that the images of innocent kids, innocent babies were killed by his poison gas and causing him to rethink his approach towards Syrian attack.

“It’s very, very possible, and I will tell you it has already happened, that my attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much,” Trump said. The attack “crossed a lot of lines for me.” “I now have a responsibility,” Trump said, “and I will have that responsibility and carry it very proudly.”

On the same day in the afternoon, Trump assembled a meeting with National security advisers to review the three options which are ranging in the level of risk and scope. The details about the three options are not known.

But the officials said that one of the plans would be a target of the chemical weapons sites which would directly diminished Assad’s ability to carry out future attacks. The other would be firing Tomahawk missiles at an air field, an attack viewed as sending a signal to Assad. The president will choose any one of them and agreed to meet the team again.

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