Friday , April 26 2019

Gautami-‘What happened to Jayalalithaa?’

Gautami, a passionate admirer of the late Jayalalithaa raises numerous hard-hitting queries in an open letter to PM Modi.


Legendary actress Gautami Tadimalla has inscribed an open letter to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, inquiring the secrecy and dearth of transparency nearby J. Jayalalithaa’s hospitalization and demise. She clearly points out that, “the complete volume of unanswered queries” about the hospitalization, treatment, and abrupt passing of Jayalalithaa has formed a lot of hesitation in the public’s mind.

Yet the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu had been in the hospice for some time, the newscast of her passing away lead out shock waves since not much was known about her health condition. Gautami specified that Narendra Modi have to interfere to clear the air of mistrust and protection of the citizens’ right to know the truth after their leader’s demise.

“It is a main concern and right of every single citizen of India to be conscious of and well-versed about their representatively elected leaders. To be conscious of their state of health and capability to perform their responsibilities for the bigger good of the people,” she inscribed, saying, “There has been a close total blanketing of info concerning these matters. Not one person had been permitted access to her and several dignitaries who go to her with deep anxiety were denied a chance to carry their wishes in person. Why this privacy and separation of a beloved public leader and the skull of the Tamil Nadu government? These and numerous other burning queries are being asked by the persons of Tamil Nadu and I echo their voice in carrying them to your ears, sir.”

In spite of having been in a long relationship with Kamal Haasan — who never shredded his words when talking about the ex-CM — for over 13 years, Gautami has frequently expressed her appreciation for Jayalalithaa.


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