Monday , February 18 2019

Ganesh idol immersion contaminates River Krishna downstream

Krishna water mixed with chemicals is malodourous at Krishnaveni ghat.


Vijayawada: The immersion of closely 1,000 idols of Lord Ganesh has contaminated River Krishna in the city.

The ganesh idols were immersed at Krishnaveni ghat, which is currently, malodourous due to harmful chemicals getting joined with the water. Additionally, the water level at the ghat is at a very low-level.

In the downstream, the Krishna River has almost dried up and dipping of idols is dreaded to further reduce the water-level. Administrators banned immersion of Ganesh idols upstream, dreading it would contaminate water at Prakasam barrage. Cranes were organized to ease immersion of idols downstream.

Hundreds of Plaster of Paris idols dyed with chemicals and decorated with glitters was immersed till Tuesday and several of them are floating in the river even now stemming a pungent odour of chemical colors.

“The immersion of ganesh idols has contaminated River Krishna downstream. We have come to Krishnaveni ghat to see lights set for Prakasam barrage but are not able to survive the smell coming out of the water. As the water-level is very low, the idols got half-immersed and administrators should clear them to avert the pollution of water,” said K. Bhargavi, a B.Tech learner.

Ecologists have been challenging clearing the dumped idols to care for the water in the river.

“We are organizing protest protests challenging protection of rivers and stopping pollution of rivers in the name of festivals and customs.

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