Monday , March 25 2019

Friend rapes 16 year old student in Hyderabad

Police said 3 of the suspects were seniors and friends of the girl at college in Hyderabad.

16 year old engineering diploma student was intoxicated and raped by her friend in Ghatkesar

A 16 year old engineering diploma student was intoxicated and raped by her friend in Ghatkesar in Hyderabad who narrowed her in a room with the help of his 4 friends and the girl was tempted by the suspects on the pretext of a fake birthday party and made to drink alcohol as per the report, Suspects threatened the girl after the rape and asked her not to reveal the matter to anyone.

When Police came and arrested the suspects on charges of rape and forced confinement following a grievance from the victim father, here the suspects and the victim are students of Princeton Engineering College in Ghatkesar in Hyderbad.

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This incident took place on November 2 at a flat in the Rajiv Gruhakalpa complex in Ghatkesar, and victim family said that as the girl was intimidated and traumatised she revealed the matter only a day ago to her parents and that was why there was a delay in reporting the case to the police, her family said to police.

ACP Sundeep from Malkajgiri said the defendants who had planned the rape in advance trapped the girl in the name of a birthday party and the main suspect 22 year old Hareesh and his friends called her for a birthday gathering and in fact no one in the group had a birthday, they took her to a hookah centre in Ghatkesar modal where they sat there for a while and burned. And later they got drunk at an isolated place later they then took her to the flat and raped her, as report say’s.

Police said, they made her drunk so seriously that she could not fight them and the prime accused Hareesh friends, Hemanth, Sameer and Ajay helped him to take the girl to the room and rape their friend and another person named Abbas, the owner of the hookah centre also assisted him to commit the crime said by police.

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