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Forest Officials In Andhra Pradesh-Karnataka

Nellore: Forest officials in Andhra Pradesh are in arms against their counterparts in Karnataka for driving a herd of seven wild elephants in the AP forest.

forest officials AP-karnakata
Elephant herd at AP – Karnataka border on Friday.

AP foresters allege that forestry personnel in Karnataka have urged residents of a border village in Karnataka to attack the elephants of the AP forest wing on the grounds that they are forcing the tuskers to Karnataka even though their mission is To prevent them from entering the dwellings.

AP officials also felt pulling crackers to force the tuskers to move away from the Karnataka forest in Andhra Pradesh. From now on the two officials are camping at the border keeping a tab on the herd hidden near a tank in Rajapeta in Karnataka.

Speaking to this newspaper, Forest Range Officer of Kuppam Area K. Kalappa Naidu said that the elephants came from the Karnataka Forest to Gudipalli Mandal from the Chittoor district on Tuesday night and returned to the cistern at Peddaganla Halli in Karnataka their own Wednesday.

“The Karnataka forest officials also came to the area with the police and accused the Andhra Pradesh trackers of reintroducing the tuskers in their area. The villagers also accused our men of inciting the forest officials And asked them to leave the place We rushed into the area and questioned the reason behind asking our trackers to leave when it is their duty to keep a label on the movement of elephants. Our presence because they want to drive them to our state and they even popped biscuits to force the animals to leave the place, “said Naidu Kalappa.

He said they stopped all traffic moving to Karnataka with the help of the police Wednesday night anticipating the tuskers to cross the road and they moved to Chowdempalli in the Mandal of Santhipuram as planned during the first hours Of Thursday. They returned to Karnataka on Thursday night and the other side wanted to force them towards AP again, the alleged ranger.

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He said they also burst crackers, but not to drive them to the other side, but only to keep them away from the dwellings. He stressed the need to allow the herd to choose his path as they will attack people and go on a rampage so disturbed frequently. Referring to hundreds of people coming to see the flock, he said they find it very difficult to keep people away.

Meanwhile, a 30-year-old man, Karnataka Manjunath suffered a fracture on his leg after he fell down trying to escape elephants chasing him to Chinnakotturu near the road from Rajapeta to Karnataka on Friday.

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Forest Officials In Andhra Pradesh-Karnataka
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