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Foreign Brands To Elite Liquor Outlets In Telangana soon

Hyderabad: Telangana government has come out with something that can encourage people who love foreign brands liquor. The state government had issued orders facilitating special opportunities elite abroad.

New foreign elite institutions are authorized to sell about 100 types of foreign brands. Sources said that the Department of Excise has issued GO Ms No: 271 dated 10/26/2016 facilitating licensees to develop elite alcohol outlets.

foreign brands liquor in telangana
Sources said the excise department had issued GO Ms No:271 dated 26.10.2016 facilitating licensees to set up elite liquor outlets. However, the GO was not published online and kept a secret.

However, the GO has been published online and kept a secret. The government normally downloads all GO on its website. In case he does not want to disclose the content of GO, he classifies as confidential but continues to download the GO.
Allowing for elite alcohol outlets selling foreign brands of liquor in addition to Indian premium liquor brands has proved controversial, existing liqueurs owners who screamed foul about those orders. Stores normal alcohols.
vineyard owners criticize the government for showing favoritism to the elite alcohol outlets liberalizing several standards and alleging huge corruption in this agreement. vineyard owners have also demanded the state government to order an investigation to bring out the facts behind it.
The new license fee is Rs 1.25 crore for the output abroad alcohol elite and existing wine shop is Rs 1 crore leaving the amount of the difference of only Rs 25 lakh. Additionally, several exemptions are granted to elite stores.

Vineyard owners have said. “The timetable is also relaxed for foreign markets until midnight, while the existing stores are allowed up to 23 hours Wine shops have to cough up Rs two lakh more for enabled rooms, but the opportunities for foreign spirits are allowed meeting facility name “tasting” option. in accordance with current standards, the wine shops should be located 100 meters from the national and national highways, but sales points foreign alcohol are allowed within 50 meters. in addition, the amount of difference in the license fee is only Rs 25 lakh. the vineyard owners are not allowed to sell even water. the selling establishments foreign alcohol are allowed to sell everything. Their license period is five years while ours is two years. These examples are enough to show how officials have encouraged some people. If foreign liquor outlets exist, we suffer huge losses. “
Currently, only select 25 stores located in Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, Madras ares only sell foreign liquor. Existing growers sell foreign liquors imported from India (IMFL) and national beer and wine brands. Alcohol Outlets Elite are permitted to sell liquor and foreign liquor. Whisky with the base price above Rs 2,000 and wine with the base price above Rs 1,000 are allowed for foreign outlets of elite alcohol. It was learned that there would be no cap on the number of alcohol outlets abroad. The license period for the foreign elite alcohol output is five years, while it is only two years for existing wine shops.

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Vineyards of the owners said: “The schedules are also relaxed for foreign liquor outlets until 12 midnight, while existing wine shops are allowed up to 23 hours Wine shops are forced to cough Rs two lakh in. more for licenses rooms, the name of the “tasting” According to existing norms, wine shops should be located 100 meters from national and state roads, but the opportunities of foreign alcohol are allowed within 50 meters. Par addition, the amount of the difference in the license is only Rs 25 lakh traders of wines are not even allowed to sell the water.The foreign liquor stores are allowed to sell tout.La period of license is five years, while ours is years.These two examples suffice to show how officials have encouraged some individual foreign markets come into existence, we will suffer huge losses. “

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