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Force 2 movie review: Impressive till the first half.

Overall the movie will appeal to persons who love to see action and want to see John Abraham performing it.


Cast: John Abraham, Sonakshi  Tahir Raj Sinha, Boman Irani, Bhasin, Adil Hussain

Director Abhinay Deo finished ‘Force 2’ as a tribute to the unsung stars of RAW. Force 2 is a movie rich in detail but has its specific share of flaws. In a violence-fuelled film, John Abraham has easily managed to pull off action arrangements. He flawlessly slips into the shoes of his personality – Yash – a fearless cop.

Yash (John Abraham) is living with the recollections of his dead wife Maya (Genelia D’Souza) and helping humanity with dedication. His lifespan takes a U-turn when his childhood friend Harish (Freddy Daruwala), a RAW agent, gets murdered in China on a secret assignment. Just before his ruthless murder, he leads a book to Yash which leads him to the murderer who is functioning from Budapest, Hungary. Ranjan (Narendra Jha), head of RAW assigns Kamaljeet Kaur (Sonakshi Sinha) to examine the case and bring back a spy gone rascal to India alive. Yash joins KK on this secret operation.

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Yash and KK be able to catch the spy Shiv Kumar (Tahir Raj Bhasin) but things change when somebody kills Shiv at the airport. Who killed Shiv Kumar? Is he the real villain? For these responses, you have to watch ‘Force 2’.

However, in spite of good performances from the foremost cast, the film fails to hold interest in the second half. The pace with which the story moves forward and the revelation of the secret fail to leave an impact. Yet the story which is penned by Parveez Sheikh and Jasmeet K Reen is so gripping that you are all the time telling yourself that there is still possibility for the film to get better. Then there is the background tune, which again hits on the right note. Action by Allan Amin is astounding specifically the car chasing sequences on the busy roads of Budapest.

Travelling the world of RAW agents, Abhinay sets the story in Hungary and China with the spy running the show effectively.

Tahir Raj Bhasin views out with his evil act till the last frame of the movie. The film starts off so well till the intermission but disappoints in the second half totally. John Abraham recognizes his way about action movies so well that he sails through the whole film flawlessly. Sonakshi Sinha, too, is noticeable in her acts as a rigid RAW agent. Adil Hussain Boman Irani, and Narendra Jha are good as well in their roles.

Genelia D’souza has a special arrival in the film and just lights up the display even if just for a few minutes. Overall the film will appeal to those who love to see act and want to see John Abraham doing it. And yes, he is even huger this time around.

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