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Flying snake found in Hyderabad

Flying snake, the reptile was thumping in a rolling shutter.


Hyderabad: An exceptional flying snake was seen and saved in the busy commercial vicinity of Goshamahal in Hyderabad.

Named Chrysopelea ornate or Ornate Flying Snake, the slightly venomous snake has never been allegedly found in Telangana or Andhra Pradesh.

It was thumping in a rolling shutter when Friends of Snake Society saviors caught it and moved it to the Sanikpuri rescue Centre.

Typically flying snakes are found in the Bihar, Western Ghats, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, South East Asia and North-East India.

There are many timber yards near the rescue place and rendering to the experts it was probable that this snake was fortuitously transported from the other state along with plywood or timber cargo.

Friends of Snake Society joint secretary Arun Kumar stated, “We have got a distress call on our helpdesk from a storekeeper in Goshamahal, who said that he had found a small snake near the arrival of his timber shop.”

Snake to be moved to forest

“Retorting to the call, one of our associates who lived nearby to the site, seen it, guessing a Rat Snake or a Spectacled Cobra, which are normal snakes in that area. To his complete disbelief, he had seen a flying snake whacking inside the gap of the rolling shutter of the store, from where it was prudently hauled out. The snake was instantly sent to the society’s shelter in Sainikpuri for more examination and accommodation,” said Arun Kumar joint secretary of Friends of Snake Society.

He also said, “Ornate Flying Snake is one of the three classes of flying snakes observed in India. These snakes are adept of gliding in the air by pulling down their body and at times getting almost twice their usual width. They form a hollow shape and trick air and slide amid trees and branches. They seem to exhibit this comportment to evade predators. This one and a half foot sample will be y housed at our shelter, through which behavioral investigations would be led and results would be printed in a scientific journal. With the sustenance of the Telangana Forest Department, this snake would be moved to a forest region where the species is certainly found.” General secretary of Friends of Snake Society V. Aniash added.

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