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Flawed GoDaddy security certificates show need for control

GoDaddy, one of the world’s largest domain registration and certificate authorities, revoked almost 9,000 SSL certificates this week.


The obligatory revocation of closely 9,000 SSL security certificates by domain registration and web hosting company GoDaddy has further emphasized the necessity for organizations to have better control, say business experts.

A Secure Sockets Layer certificate (SSL certificate) is a small data file mounted on web server that permits for a secure connection amid the server and a web browser.

SSL certificates are distributed from a reliable certificate authority (CA), but a bug distressing GoDaddy’s domain validation processing system stemmed in 8,850 certificates being delivered without correct domain validation, according to GoDaddy senior internet product and technology lead Wayne Thayer.

GoDaddy was warned to the problem by Microsoft and initiated revoking the affected SSL certificates after fixing the domain validation system, he said.

Rendering to Thayer, the bug was presented to GoDaddy’s validation code in July 2016 and was triggered by the validation process finishing out successfully even if the control check reverted a 404 (not found) code.

Previously the bug was introduced; the domain validation process would be done only if it received an HTTP 200 (success) code.

“We have re-verified domain mechanism on each certificate issued using this method of authentication in the period from when the bug was familiarized until it was fixed,” Thayer engraved.

Extra code changes were set out to prevent the re-issuance of SSL certificates using cached and possibly unconfirmed domain validation information, he told.

“Though, prior to classifying and shutting down this path, an extra 101 certificates were rereleased using such cached and possibly unverified domain validation info, causing in a total of 8,951 certificates that were issued without appropriate domain validation as a result of the virus,” he penned.

He said GoDaddy was not aware of “any spiteful exploitation of this bug to obtain a certificate for a domain that was not authorized”.

Kevin Bocek, the chief cyber security strategist at security company Venafi, said the occasion at GoDaddy was not a remote one for the CA industry. “Newly, an error by GlobalSign protected out traffic to its clients’ websites for days,” he told.

Trust in digital certificates enables the international economy and disturbs every internet user, business, and government, said Bocek, but companies rely on physical methods to achieve them.

“To guard your business, you should know the location of each certificate in use and be capable of substituting any of them promptly,” he said. “As the use of cloud, mobile and IoT devices drives an explosion in demand for digital certificates, trades need to be set to respond to an upsurge in errors and security negotiations from certificate experts.”

Tim Bedard, the director of digital trust analytics at Venafi, said the concern at GoDaddy foreshadowed much bigger certificate authority issues on the prospect for each organization.

Bedard doubts this incident might be public evidence of a bigger DevOps and FastIT matter. “We know it’s hard for organizations to meet DevOps SLAs [service level agreements] and be protected at the same time,” he stated. “As a result, numerous organizations take shortcuts with certificates in their DevOps development, test, and creation. It is completely possible that time pressures presented this security certificate susceptibility.

“Organizations frequently don’t have the discernibility they need to solve problems like this and, as an effect, they cannot retort in a timely manner. Moreover, they can’t retract and replace faulty certificates hastily. In fact, most organizations replace certificates physically, one at a time – a procedure that is insecure, lengthy and resources rigorous.

“Security issues like this adversely impact any commercial with an online presence, and the feebler their cryptographic risk posture, the greater the negative influence.”

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Flawed GoDaddy security certificates show need for control
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