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Finest Google Products of 2016: Pixel XL, Google Pixel, Google Home, Daydream VR And More


Google accomplished to capitalize on Apple and Samsung’s poor performance this year. While Samsung’s endeavor at smartphone domination accurately wafted up on its face and Apple was average at its best this year, Google achieved to successfully enter the profitable hardware market by coming up with a swing of premium hardware products.

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Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL

After 6 years of working with dissimilar phone manufacturers to manufacture Android Mobiles under the Nexus brand, Google at last released its own line of smart Mobiles under Pixel. The Nexus replacement is a creature of a phone, and purposes to showcase the best of what Google and Android has to offer.

It comes equipped with top-of-the-line hardware, shiny design, optimistic HD display, and great camera. If you are disappointed with Samsung’s exploding phones and Apple’s unevenness, the Google Pixel will serve as a snuffle of fresh air.

Daydream VR

You can now transmute your Android phone into a simulated fantasyland with the help of the Daydream VR headset. Enjoy 360 degree games, movies, and panoramic photos simply by fastener your phone into the equipment. Unlike the control buttons situated on the Samsung Gear VR handset, the Daydream comes with a dispersed controller that you can use to brandish and navigate your way into a game.

At $79, the Daydream is also more inexpensive than its main contestants, and is enclosed in soft material, making it more convenient to wear.

Google Home

If you want to request help from Google without having to type on a keyboard or tap on a mobile screen, Google Home is your response. Google Home is a voice-meticulous speaker that allows you to use Google’ services, even if you aren’t with in front of a computer or a phone.

It can response questions, wake you up in the morning, regulator the thermostat, and do a lot of additional tricks. This equipment looks a lot like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

At presently works with a restricted number of smart home devices such as Philips Hue bulbs and Nest, as well as IFTTT recipes.

Chromecast Ultra

If you need to stream 4K HDR video to your UHD TV, there is no superior option than the Chromecast Ultra. It suggests fast and powerful streaming in a natty device. It also comes with an attached ethernet port built into the power adapter, allowing videos to load and play faster.

With an embarrassment of hardware products launched in 2016, Google is absolutely no lengthier just a software company. This was a great year for Google all in all, seeing its prosperous entry in the hardware industry.

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