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Find Your Dream Domain Name with Domainscope

Domain name registration plays vital in any online business as it will remain the same for its complete lifetime and it should be simple, easy to remember and attractive.


Vexed up in finding out a perfect domain name for your business? Definitely, you’re not alone. Selecting a domain can be certainly a time-consuming procedure.

To aid out, Verisign, the firm that manages both .com and .net domain names, made a nifty, data-driven gismo call DomainScope to assist you to find out a good domain name for your company. It goes well yonder most domain name creators.

How to Get Started

Get a complete idea of well-known keywords and tendencies in domain names on “Domain Trends” tab:


This might provide your ideas for words you can place to domain names that aren’t accessible. As you can perceive, most of the people add certain words like online, group, and web to the end of the words to find out the available domain name.

You can even see the lists of real domain names that were newly registered to get motivation.

Move down to “Domain Suggestions” and you will find out a keyword-based tool for finding out domains. Type in a keyword that defines your business and gets a list of accessible domain names.

Location-Based Names

DomainScope has an exceptional feature that makes names grounded on where you are situated. I had typed the term invest and got these outcomes:


Because I live in Austin, Texas, the names it made are for areas and surrounding cities in that area.

You can take out this feature if your commercial is universal in nature. You can have the search generate synonyms or add some common domain endings (like online).

Go Global

One cool aspect in DomainScope interprets your keyword into diverse languages. Even if your commercial targets the English audience, using a normal word in a different language can be a good way to discriminate your business and find out an accessible domain name.


Find Uninhibited Domains

DomainScope has also an option to find out website names with present traffic. Typically, these are domain names that were retained by somebody else who made a website and then uninhibited the domain name. As soon as a domain name expires it becomes accessible for somebody else to get registered.

So if your inventive juices need some inspiration, give DomainScope a turn to find your next domain name.

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Find Your Dream Domain Name with Domainscope
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