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FASTag a must for all new four-wheelers from December 1st

A FASTag show ‘an onboard unit (transponder) or such device tailored to the front windscreen on the vehicle’.


New Delhi: From December 1st, it will be mandatory for all new four-wheelers to have FASTag devices placed on front windscreens by automobile manufacturers or authorized dealers.

A FASTag is a small device that comprises Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for doing toll payments straight from the prepaid or savings account allied to it.

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The device is attached to the windscreen of the vehicle and allows commuters to move through toll plazas without stopping for cash dealings.

“Motor Vehicles vended on and after December 1st, 2017 shall be attached with FASTag as might be stated by the central government, from time to time by the maker of the vehicle or its authorized dealer, as the situation may be,” a notification dispensed by the ministry of road transport and highways stated on Thursday.

The notification tails amendment to Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, by the central govt as per powers vested in it under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1989.

The notification stated in case of any vehicle that is sold in the type of drive-away-chassis without windbreak, FASTags shall be tailored on the windscreen by the vehicle possessor before the registration of such vehicles.

The announcement explained that a FASTag shows “an onboard unit (transponder) or such device tailored to the front windscreen of the vehicle”.

The tag can be bought from tag issuers and if it is related to the prepaid account then the vehicle proprietor is essential to recharge/ top up the tag as per necessity.

FASTag is currently operational at about 370 toll plazas through National Highways. The system is inter-operable and the similar FASTag can be used through all toll plazas under the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program.

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