Tuesday , March 26 2019

Facebook used by half the world’s internet users

Facebook is currently used by half of the world’s online populace.


The social media network publicized on Wednesday that the sum of people using the service had grown up to 13 per cent to 1.49 billion in the past three months and half of the three billion people are estimated of using the internet worldwide.

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Of all those, Facebook told that 65 per cent retrieved their accounts every single day.

The firm also appealed that the average smartphone handler swill pent one minute of every five minutes on Facebook.

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is very happy to announce these results and expressed his gratitude for all the users of Facebook.

Around 3.17 billion individuals are supposed to make use of internet in the year 2015 up from 2.94 billion people in 2014, rendering to Statista. There are about an estimated seven billion individuals in the world.

It trails a Pew survey that specified only 15 per cent of United States citizens were not in online.

Facebook had made the privileges as it proclaimed its most recent quarterly reports. The consequences deep-rooted indications that mobile traffic stays as the most lucrative facet of the social media network, with the maximum of ad revenue focused from smartphone operators.

Online returns enlarged by two thirds in the previous three months ever since June, with mobile ads accounting for about £1.86bn ($2.9bn) of a entire 39 per cent increase to £2.5bn ($4bn).

In full, coarsely 72 per cent of the business’s revenues are now made by mobile ads.

In spite of these favorable numbers, net revenue fell for the past quarter. Facebook confessed expenditure had flown as the business invested in research and development, as well as employment.


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Facebook used by half the world’s internet users
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