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Facebook Suspends Location-Sharing Feature


Facebook Inc has put off its location-sharing feature in Italy after a Milan court ruled previous year that the social networking firm had dishonored competition and copyright laws by efficiently copying a related app from a local start-up.

Italian software developer Business Competence had filed a claim in 2013, condemning Facebook’s nearby feature of having clichéd its Faround application that helps users to locate Facebook friends in the locality.

A copy of the court’s presiding, sent on August 1 previous year but only made public by Business Competence on Monday, declared that Facebook had launched its Nearby feature just months after Faround was involved in the social network’s app store in the year 2012.

The protest alleged that the two requests were “very similar” in their functions and usual set-up.

Facebook had said it has obsolete offering what it now calls Nearby Places in Italy when it appears contrary to the court’s ruling. Facebook has dropped what it called Places in 2011 but after revived parallel features in Nearby, which also contends with products given by Silicon Valley opponents Foursquare and Yelp .

The court has ordered Facebook to hang Nearby Places in Italy or pay fines of EUR 5,000 in a day for copyright breach and unfair competition. It had said that Facebook might have to pay further compensations to be gritty at a later stage.

The ruling is primary and a further hearing is planned for 4th April.

Facebook wanted to have the order put on hold although it awaited a ruling on the qualities of the case, but its appeal was banned by the court in the month of December. It said on Monday that it is obeying with the decision pending its plea.

“We humbly disagree with the result. The assertions were without merit,” a Facebook representative told Reuters in an emailed declaration.

“We consider the order was incorrectly decided, but we have reverently complied with the order in the provisional.”

Business Competence’s Faround app was hurled in the month of September 2012 and rapidly gained admiration amid Italian users.

Faround was the utmost downloaded social networking app in the nation through the week of 22nd November, 2012, rendering to data from App Annie, a commercial that measures online traffic.

Downloads lurched the month after Facebook had launched its own Nearby feature on 17th December of that year.

“It was a big setback to us to see that we were behind everything we had devoted (into Faround),” Business Competence Chief Executive Sara Colnago said to Reuters, saying that it had cost the business EUR 500,000 ($530,050) to build the app.

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