Thursday , February 21 2019

Facebook Reveals New Shopping Ad Format ‘Collection’

Facebook on Friday had proclaimed a new shopping ad format known as ‘collection’ to assist marketers to showcase their company products in more visually attractive ways.


‘Collection’ uplifts the probability of discovery and a purchase by highlighting a primary creative image or video above appropriate product images.

Facebook has also introduced a new click metric that precisely measures external clicks.

“Company Products displayed in the News Feed can be organized manually or grounded on our evaluation of the probability of purchase – whereas the business products in the post-click, immersive shopping experience are graded grounded on the probability of purchase,” the social media networking firm had stated in a recent declaration.

Marketers will be capable of viewing a breakdown in advertisements reporting for ‘link clicks’ wherever they can see the explicit destination they drive individuals to, such as a text message, a form, a call, or Canvas.

“Customers will be capable of breaking downlink clicks by the following endpoints – website, app deep link, app store, phone call, Facebook Canvas, message,  Facebook form, off-Facebook video and Facebook Marketplace,” the company said.’

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