Thursday , July 27 2017

Every day 800 new vehicles join Hyderabad’s traffic

Approximately 6 lakh vehicles of all categories were registered in Hyderabad in 2015 Year.

nearly 6 lakh vehicles of all categories were registered in Hyderabad in 2015


Lakhs number of vehicles in the city is every year but the road space has not been enlarged, addition to traffic mobbing. Here nearly 6 lakh vehicles of all categories were registered in Hyderabad in 2015 year and up to October 31st this year as per the report.

The vehicle populace in the state capital is over 45 lakh but road space is less than 12 per cent of the total physical area of the city I Hyderabad, and about 800 vehicles are being extra every day and increasing load on already overfilled roads in the city.

One retired scientist from the Central Road Research Institute Mr T S Reddy said that for a Hyderabad with a vehicle inhabitant of over 40 lakh road space should be at least 20 per cent of its total geographical banquet. And Greater Hyderabad has less than 12% road space. Here measures like increasing the taxation for owning a second vehicle has not worked as manifold vehicles are being recorded in the name of many members of the same household.

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Maintaining that the government should promote and strengthen the public transport scheme, he said the government should either increase the road space for vehicles or regulate private vehicles on busy roads, even the system of giving authorization for new vehicle registration should change and new vehicles should be allowed to be registered only if the owner shows parking space at his residence for that vehicle Reddy added at meet.

Traffic Deputy Commissioner of Police Chowhan said public transport network like metro rail and bus rapid transit system multi modal transport structure, here the RTC bus services should be lengthy and enhanced. Here the restriction of private vehicles during busy hours and as done for trucks is also a good proposal he said the reports.

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