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Employment and education policies of Telangana disappointed: NRIs

Telangana employment and education policies disappoint NRIs

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HYDERABAD: The TRS government  fired on education and employment situation in the state organised by a group of NRIs from Telangana on Sunday. The meeting that was organised by Telangana Global Technologists Association (TGTA), a group of around 200 NRIs from Telangana residing in various countries. They expressed the unhappiness towards the state of affairs in Telangana.

C Achyuth Reddy, a TGTA member working in the U K, said that “When the state was formed, we were very happy, excited and we had high hopes on the TRS government. However, we didn’t see much change since it came to power. For example, the number of students from SC, ST and OBC communities who go to other countries like UK,US for there  higher studies is still very low which was the same  case before Telangana became a state. When TRS leaders visited other countries, our members raised questions which the leaders could not answer.”

Another member of TGTA, Krishna Chaitanya from the United States, said, “The student bodies in US are very strong. Universities spend the money given to students by the government only after getting approval from the student body. There is no democratic space in universities.”

PL Vishweshwar Rao, Osmania University former professor who is now with the Aam Aadmi Party, raised the issue of high dropouts among schoolgirls in Telangana which is one of the highest in the country. He also said that last year only 8.8 pc of the budget was assigned for school education and of this amount almost 95 pc was just for salaries of employees. Vishweshwar Rao questioned, “Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had promised lakhs of jobs but till now just 5,940 posts have been filled. Where are the jobs?”

Senior Cardiologist and Telangana Jana Samiti president Dr MF Gopinath said, “It’s Just 2.1 pc SC students, 1.5 pc ST students, 2.5 pc OBC students and around 5 pc OC students reach up to Class 10 in Telangana. The rest are not dropouts but are driven out by state government’s policies. The educated youth in the telangana state are against the ruling TRS and the family which runs it.”



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Employment and education policies of Telangana disappointed: NRIs
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