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Emmy 2017: Nicole Kidman’s ‘Big Little Lies’ acceptance speech

Emmy 2017: Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon Celebrate Their Friendship in Big Little Lies

Emmy 2017

Hollywood : At the 2017 Emmy Award Presentation Ceremony on Sunday night, the win over the award’s excellent limited series, Kidman and Witherspoon stepped up to empowered to receive nominated speeches in their women’s honors. In the necessary thanks for your network and other powers, Witherspoon sent her thanks to Liane Moriarty,

‘Who wrote the bestseller, created these people who are so memorable.’ Then she cried, ‘Oh my day, Nicole, help!’ Kidman continued to speak, ‘Thank you, those who embrace the TV, the power of television.

We walked into your living room and people were talking about it, which made us shocked. Although this program has entertainment value, but it also involves some problems. We are very grateful to you to tell your friends to see this program, ‘she said, for women, this is an incredible year.

Emmys 2017

I can say that women are brought to the front of their own stories and made them the hero of their own stories.

The Australian-born actress defeated Witherspoon in a few minutes, won the best actress for the Emmy in a series of films or a film, and she mentioned her in a powerful article. Witherspoon’s intimate relationship.

‘This is a chance to create a friendship.’ ‘It made us create opportunities from frustration because we did not get a good job,’ said 50 – year – old Kidman. ‘So now, women play a greater role.’

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Witherspoon, 41, once again speaks of the need for women to play more complex roles in television and movies. Recently, she wrote an article about charisma, she encouraged women to accept their ambitions, and to discuss her own efforts to share the story of different women.

‘Today I have 23 projects in the works, driven by the great female roles of different ages and races, a movie about astronauts, a film about the inventor of Barbie’s entrepreneur, and a young brave American girl In Afghanistan, 2010 with the special forces of the film, ‘she wrote. ‘What we can do to create change is to work hard.’ This is my advice: do what you are doing. ‘She added,’ if you are the kind of person who has a little voice in her mind, say ‘I can do ‘to fill the gap,’ do not tell him to stay quiet. Give it a little room for growth and try to find a growing environment.

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