Tuesday , March 19 2019

Eminem’s Rap Attack on ‘Racist’ Mr.Trump

The rapper savages the President in an expletive-laden lyrical attack and issues an ultimatum to his fans 


The rapper star Eminem unfolds another violent attack on Donald Trump at an awards ceremony, accusing him of being a racist, a ‘god’ and having ‘orange … nostalgia.’

The best-selling artist fiercely attacked the US president in an explosive pre-recorded, swallowing freestyle, naming the storm, which was broadcast at the BET hip-hop awards ceremony last Tuesday.

In four minutes of video, the controversial musician broke into rap, wearing a black dress, including a jacket in a multi-storey car park.

With a follower behind him, he sang angrily: ‘Racism is his only fanstastic.’


He accused T. Trump of escalating tensions with North Korea through his twitter war of war against the country’s dictators, Kim Jong Un: ‘We give Obama props as we are now in the office of the Kamikaze, Leading to nuclear war.

He really went into the presidential line with the NFL players who had been kneeling in the ant colony against the African-American police in protest form.

He said, ‘Instead of guns in Puerto Rico or Nevada,’ the reform, which hindered the hurricane ravaged the US territory and last week’s Las Vegas film, the president chose the ‘focus’ of the American football legend because he got a huge reaction When he attacked the league. ‘

‘All these terrible tragedies, he was bored, would rather cause the threw storm with the packer,’ Eminem denounced.

‘Now if you are a black player you are a spoiled child trying to use your platform or body to give those who do not have the voice.’

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In a new four-minute freestyle rap attacked President Trump

He also promised the first game player with the former San Francisco team quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who was sitting down in the national anthem in August 2016. Eminem, whose real name Marshall Mathers, suggests that before the tweet, unexpected things may happen to the award. 44-year-old asked his fans to give up the video of the Trump end: ‘Any of my fans who is his supporter, I draw on the beach, you are in favor or against.

‘We are ticking Trump,’ he cried. Known as his lyrics and aggressive style, Eminem was rarely publicly politically before. However, this is not the first time he has expressed his disgust for Mr. Trump.

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