Thursday , April 25 2019

eBay India’s Latest ad is Smashing Stereotypes


eBay India, won’t it be so good when the world halts judging you? It is certainly a utopia where persons will wish to be in. Having such a thought in mind derives up eBay India, with their brand new Telivision campaign #ThingsDon’tJudge.

Just a single minute video displays diverse situation where individuals are seen breaking away from an assured prejudice that the public enforces and the means they use are the company products they have bought from eBay.

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Hypothesized by BBDO India, the campaign targets to motivate customers to shop online from above 10 crore products accessible on the e-commerce website.

Remarking on the launch, Shivani Suri, the Director of Marketing at eBay India told, “Online shopping is altering based on how we live. It is escorting in the approval of new. It is at the soul of our growing culture that is slowly serving us distance from the standards round age, gender, cast, social status, creed or preferences. eBay, with above 10 crore products is moving customers to shop for their preferred item and live their urges, desires, selections, and beliefs without hang-ups. With this vital theme we decided to takeoff this campaign to not just arrest market share but effort colloquial commerce.”

Remarking on the firm, Josy Paul, the Chairman, BBDO India stated, “When we initiated work on company, we had queries: Will our clue provoke discussion? Will the framework last longer than the imminence of the content? Will it effect change? We could feel the dynamism in the room when this impression came up. Something occurred! The fervent team at eBay – together with BBDO team – are doing what we can to generate a better domain even as we make greater appeal for the 10 crore products that are obtainable on eBay.”

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