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Dripped emails tarnish golden-boy David Beckham

David Beckham’s global celebrity turned him into a one-person promoting phenomenon with a glut of profitable endorsements.


London: David Beckham’s shrill-clean image as a British cultural icon has taken a pummeling following the leaky of expletive-strewn emails in that he apparently raged regarding not receiving a knighthood.

The former England football captain is said to possess sworn in emails to his PR team once being told he wouldn’t be created “Sir David” by Queen Elizabeth II owing to considerations regarding his tax affairs.

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A spokesman for the 41-year-old said the emails, released by the football Leaks website, were “hacked and doctored” to give a “deliberately inaccurate picture”.

But there has been a repercussion against Beckham from sections of Britain’s tabloid media.

Monday’s Daily Mail spoke of the “Shame of Saint Becks”, with a columnist saying him “a foul-spoken, indomitable egotist” who had used charity work as part of an “increasingly desperate” bid for a knighthood.

Reports which emerged on Friday said the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star refused to place his own cash into his humanitarian seven Funds and tried to get compensation from the un children’s agency UNICEF for expenses met by his sponsors.

Outspoken television host Piers Morgan told his five.47 million Twitter followers the revelations were “sickening” and exposed Beckham as a “fraud”.

Miami project:

For a man who takes such care of his public image, it is likely to be a deeply distressing scenario.

Beckham has maintained a high profile since retiring from the sport in May 2013 following a quick stint with French face Paris Saint-Germain.

He endures to carry out charity work and fronts many advertising campaigns.

He has faced issues finding a stadium deal for the soccer club he plans to launch in Miami, but Major League football game chiefs confirmed recently that the team remains in line to become the league’s twenty-fourth franchise.

He has managed to shake off previous scandals, both on and off the pitch.

He became a national pariah once his dismissal against Argentina was unfairly crusted for England’s elimination from the 1998 World Cup, but fought back to become England captain.

Reports of an extra-marital affair in April 2004 were laid-off and did not tarnish Beckham’s image as a loving husband to pop star turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham and father to their four kids.

Beckham received an OBE from the queen in 2003, a lower honor than a knighthood.

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