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Dress up your Bump in Style

Motherliness fashion tips from well-known designers Nachiket Barve and Anand Kabra.


A lady who is pregnant is typically defined by superlatives such as radiant, shining, blooming and elegant; but now cheers to the fashion drifts permitted by celebrity moms-to-be, unique word has been moved to the list called stylish.

Hollywood hot actress Blake Lively and our own Kareena Kapoor don’t want to let their pregnancy falsify their fashion declaration. Whether you need to exhibit that baby bump or retain it subtle, stylists Nachiket Barve and Anand Kabra have some tips on motherhood fashion.

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For an Indian cultural look, Anand speaks, “A lengthy kurta with an ornamental waistcoat, or an anarkali dress with a hefty handloom dupatta would seem great.” The extravagant dupatta will take attention apart from the bump and will emphasis on the stylishness of the outfit.

For a western appearance, he cusses by wrap dresses which permit the body to respire and which can be wearied even after the delivery and still look similarly beautiful. Lengthy tunics with pants or tights can also be attired for a casual simple look.

Anand says, “If one is so tall, she can trial with shift dresses, and keep in mind, ‘big on top of big’ is not ever a good impression, so stay away from layering your garments too much with cloaks and other such charms.”

Nachiket Barve pressures on the prominence of fabric. “Select fabrics that have a small stretch to it, like flannel and jersey. A colour chunk, knee length dress would make for a well-ordered look.  Elegance and hygiene of form is what we should target for here. Stay away from tremendously circular or trembling prints,” he says. Midi-length dress with a long open shirt  or Long kurtas with palazzos would give a stylish look.

Nachiket advises that if a expectant woman came to him to design rather for her that would display her baby bump, she would go for a “hip-level T-shirt with a beautiful knit fabric, with silk jersey jacket above it”. “I would brace this up with thin, stretch pants. This appearance can be put on casually or can be outfitted up with accessories for a party outfit,” he says.

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