Monday , March 18 2019

Drama as 4 home guards threaten to end their lives in Hyderabad

Hyderabad police took 40 home guards into keeping during the wee time

Hyderabad police took 40 home guards into keeping during the wee time

Here was high drama at the Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad on Tuesday with four home guards intimidating to commit suicide by jumping from the top of the building if the government ignores their stresses. Additional home guard hurt injuries on his legs when he tried to set himself ablaze inside the Home Guard Welfare Connotation building at Amberpet in Hyderabad.

Temporarily the city police took 40 home guards into custody during the wee times, home Guards Welfare Association leader Sakinala Narayana who was on a fast unto death was compulsorily removed to hospital in nearby. Association members say home guards are the most susceptible and exploited group in law enforcement and are not paid for their hard effort. Trouble intensified on the 3rd day of the protest when a police team came to the Connotation building to shift Narayana to hospital as his health was failing.

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Collection of over 40 home guards tried to stop the police entering into the structure and did not allow them to shift to hospital in the city. City police then detained the home guards and removed them to OU police station as report shown. Here we had to take them into defensive care in order to take to hospital after Narayana was taken to hospital over there the home guards were let off from the police station said East Zone DCP Ravinder as report mentioned.

Whereas the police was trying to detain them 1 of the home guards tried to light him to end his life and continuous wounds. City police soon snuffed the fire and shifted him to Gandhi Hospital and where another drama outspread, 4 of the home guards got to the top of the edifice and threatened to jump as said to the media.

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