Wednesday , February 20 2019

Don’t worry about the borders says, US Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly

After Trump’s immigration clamp down the influx of asylum seekers has started at unprotected Canadian borders but US Homeland Security Secretary says, not to worry about the borders.

US Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly in Ottawa, says Canadians traveling south for spring break should not worry about recent media reports describing United States border officials turning away people based on their origin or religion, but they should double-check their pockets before they leave.


Kelly said that his government could help to clarify those media reports by revealing the open reasons why a person has been turned back, but he is more worried about respecting the privacy rights of Canadians than he is about the positive press.

“We won’t do that because, again, the privacy rights of the citizens of this great country are too vital,” Kelly said.

Several hundred refuge seekers, mainly from Africa but also the Middle East, have entered Canada. The refugees and migrant agencies blame the exodus on moves by United States President Donald Trump to clamp down on immigration.

Kelly is the first member of U.S. President Donald Trump’s cabinet to travel to Canada to hold meetings with  Public Safety Minister of Canada, Ralph Goodale. One of the main purposes of those meetings was the rising number of asylum seekers illegally crossing the border from the UnitedStates into Canada.

Kelly said the movement north “could be” a reaction to Trump’s executive orders prohibiting people from entering the U.S. if they are from one of the Muslim-majority countries the government has put on its restricted list.

“We have provided information about the specific documents that were presented at the border because those US documents,” Canadian Public Safety Minister told reporters.

Public Safety Minister of Canada, Ralph Goodale spoke after meeting with  John Kelly , US Homeland Security Secretary in Ottawa for talks on the influx, which is putting domestic pressure on Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

“We obviously have safety apprehensions on both sides of the border,” Goodale said, adding that he had seen no confirmation yet of any abusing or human trafficking.

Kelly told the reporters that he and his Canadian counterparts were “confused as to why people who generally, as a group, have come to the US legally” would make their way north.

Canadian administrators caution against the idea that Trump’s strategies that are solely to blame. Goodale said some of the asylum seekers had been planning to migrate in 2016, before the November election that brought Trump to power.

Goodale said there was little Canada could do since the “vast majority” of those crossing the border had been in the US legally and enjoyed the freedom of movement.

“No one is suggesting the construction of a wall along the Canadian border, no one is saying the RCMP should line up along the border and join arms and shoo people away,” he stated.

Goodale said he and Kelly had agreed officials needed to gather more information to work out what was happening.



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