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Donald Trump Wins Ohio, Florida, North Carolina

Donald Trump won crucial victories over Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night in Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, showing strength in two of the nation’s most fiercely beaten battlefields in an unexpectedly close run for the presidency .

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The results are upcoming for the presidential elections in the US 2016. Here are the latest updates and counts:
The last:
9.58 a.m .: The Indian-American scripting story of Kamala Harris, wins the US Senate seat of California.

9.35 a.m .: Market Update

The Sensex benchmark opened with a negative spread of more than 800 points Wednesday in the middle of a global downturn as reports by Donald Trump leader in the polls in US presidential elections continue to come.

During the pre-open session, the Sensex benchmark fell by 1,339 points or 4.86% at 9:15 am, reflecting the massive fall of all other stock markets. The sentiment is also affected by the sudden ban on high denomination tickets announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last night.

9.33 a.m .: Donald Trump won the key battlefield state of Florida. Both candidates spent an extraordinary time in Florida, one of the most important prizes on the map. Trump calls Florida his “second house” and his campaign has recognized that a victory is vital for his hopes of the White House.

Barack Obama captured the Sunshine State in 2008 and in 2012.
9.15 a.m .: Donald Trump won the Ohio election prize, a state known for picking presidents.

The Republican wins the state’s 18 electoral votes in the Tuesday elections, bringing his total to 168. Hillary Clinton has 109.

Clinton had seemed ready to concede Ohio’s 18 electoral votes to Trump as the polls showed him shoot even in some traditionally blue-collar democrat areas. But Trump struggled after the release of a video in which he talked about fumbling women and kissing them without their permission.

8:40 am: Donald Trump won the Montana.

The Republican presidential candidate on Tuesday was awarded three state electoral votes.

The result was not a surprise, as Montana was considered a safe Republican state.

Trump now has 132 votes. His Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton has 104 votes.
Hillary, Trump make the last push before the elections

Clinton and Trump fired Monday in the battlefield states in a final attempt to energize supporters. Clinton, backed by an emotional appeal from President Barack Obama, urged voters to embrace a “hopeful, inclusive, bighearted America”, while Mr. Trump promised to “beat the corrupt system.”

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The candidates rallied voters late into the night, a frantic end to a bitter election year that laid bare the deep economic and cultural divisions of the country. Both Clinton and Mr. Trump were both nostalgic on occasion, looking back affectionately at a campaign that put everyone on the brink of presidency.

Clinton campaigned with confidence, backed by the announcement by FBI director James Comey on Sunday that he would not recommend criminal charges against her as a result of a new email review. The FBI investigation had undermined a highlight of the race, although it is still heading towards election day, with several paths to reach the 270 electoral votes needed to become the first woman president of the nation.

Clinton ended her campaign alongside the last two Democrats to occupy the Oval Office, Obama and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, as well as First Lady Michelle Obama.


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Donald Trump Wins Ohio, Florida, North Carolina
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