Sunday , March 24 2019

Donald Trump Dooms Snoop Dogg on Twitter for Sarcastic Video

Donald Trump is so frustrated and showed his anger in a tweet regarding the sarcastic video done by Snoop Dogg.


A sarcastic music video including the rapper Snoop Dogg and a clown named Ronald Klump is the most recent piece of pop culture getting the attention and anger of President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, in however another of his symbol early morning Twitter spurts, the US president took the unexpected step of entreating “jail time!” in retort to the video clip, which portrays Snoop Dogg aiming a toy pistol to the Klump role. Once the rapper pulls the trigger, an indication that speaks “bang” drops from the barrel in the style of typical prank guns; Klump is later exposed in chains.

Donald Trump, amidst tweets about the release past night of his 2005 tax returns and a prearranged rally in Nashville tonight, wrote:


Snoop Dogg appears the ranks of “Saturday Night Live” and the heroine Meryl Streep, which have been extremely perilous of President Trump and becomes targets of his anger — and media condemnation — on social media.

Critics have also said that President Trump often elites entertainment-world battles as political disputes are fizzing — in this instance, a rare appearance at his finances urged by the disclosure of his 2005 federal tax return procedures on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show on Tuesday night.

An illustrative for Snoop Dogg did not instantly respond to a request for remark.

The musical video, for a remix of the tune “Lavender” by jazzy hip-hop jam band BadBadNotGood, initiated drawing outrage from conventional media and politicians previously this week after the release on Sunday. “We have had presidents’ slew before in this nation, so something like that is certainly something that you should be so careful about,” the Republican Senator Marco Rubio told TMZ.

Snoop, who had taken off as a gangster rapper but has developed an advocate contrary to gun violence later in his profession, says police assassinations of black men in his canto on the song. In a conference with Billboard afore the controversy over the video had taken off, the singer said there were “some issues that we actually wanted to lock into the video like cops, the president, and life in general.”

“When I am putting out, I don’t expect or look for a response,” he said. “I simply put it out since I feel like it’s somewhat that’s gone. Any time I drop, I am annoying to fill in a void. I sense like it’s a lot of individuals making cool records, having great fun, celebrating, but nobody’s dealing with the actual issue with this clown as president.”

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