Sunday , February 17 2019

Dollar General Bowl is the new name for the GoDaddy Bowl

Godaddy is known for its fame as the world’s best Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting Company.


You might have been a little jumbled during the bowl declarations this season when you make out the “Dollar General Bowl” come through your phone screen. It’s not a different bowl, a new sponsor.

This bowl has been in Ladd-Peebles Ground in Mobile, Ala. from 1999 and known as the Bowl from 2011-15. Dollar General — you see, that place you go to when you want a general item you don’t wish to spend a ton of cash on — was proclaimed as the bowl’s new backer in mid-August.

Dollar General is currently this bowl’s third sponsor. Before GoDaddy, GMAC Mobile, which views for General Motors Acceptance Corporation, sponsored it from 2000 to 2010. In its first year in 1999, it was backed by Mobile Alabama, Inc.

Bowl games altering sponsors isn’t all that rare. Bowl sponsorships have contracts, and when they are passing away, that sponsor can choose whether to repeat things. We have seen even the main bowl games, such as the Fiesta Bowl, alter sponsors — the Fiesta is currently sponsored by Playstation, but it will always quiet be Tostitos in our hearts.

Thus, what occurred with GoDaddy, the web hosting company? Some of it had to do with where it was moving as a business.

“GoDaddy was good to us,” bowl head Jerry Silverstein said through “They attained their goal — which was to go public, and to attain better brand credit. … They have certain to take their marketing dollars and move through the pond, globally. They have acquired out of NASCAR, they have gotten out of.”

Dollar General’s Senior Manager of Public Relations Crystal Ghassemi faiths that the business sponsoring a bowl game will accomplish brand awareness, as one can undertake most bowl sponsor companies naturally set out to do.

“We discern that a lot of our clients are big college football fans,” Ghassemi told. “So we look at this as at an opportunity to give ourselves nationwide brand consciousness, as well as get intricate in something our clients are passionate about. We are really happy about the chance.”

Dollar General has closely 13,000 stores in 43 states through the country, counting hundreds of sites in Alabama.

This year’s matchup features Troy and Ohio, and the game will kick off at 8 p.m. ET and air on ESPN. This time about, we will just have to go without sighted Danica Patrick in GoDaddy ads.


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