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Diljit Dosanjh unfazed by Harshvardhan Kapoor’s comments

The singer-artist received wide acclaim for his presentation in Udta Punjab and even bagged the best debutant honor for the same.

Diljit Dosanjh.

Diljit Dosanjh speaks that he agreed to come on board for Mounting Star because his mother is a couch potato. Elaborating more, he says, “I can do two or three movies at the most in a year, and only two to three per cent persons will come to watch it. But each home has a television and is viewed by millions. So, I thought doing the show will make me more prominent. Besides, it is life. That improves up to the challenge.”

The singer-actor expected wide acclaim for his show in Udta Punjab and even bagged the finest debutant award for the similar. But the actor’s award seemed to have irked Harshvardhan Kapoor big period as the latter upheld that Diljit didn’t deserve the honor since he isn’t precisely a debutant. Raise the matter, and the new judge answers tactfully, “I honestly didn’t feel bad about his notes.

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I am a great follower of Anil Kapoor. He is a huge star. By the way, Dhanush also got the best debutant honor while he has been in work in South industry, and Fawad Khan, too, got the same honor, even though he has been at work in Pakistan. So, clearly, I’m not the main example, and it is not something that is ethically improper,” explains Diljit.

Ask the artist about murmurs of trouble in his wedding, and he simply shrugs it off. “I had heard that rumors spread debauched in Bollywood and celebs get very upset but I am glad people are speculating about my life. I mean, here I am receiving all the courtesy. Whether in a good nous or bad doesn’t really matter; it’s promotional,” he adds, with a laugh.

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