Monday , January 21 2019

Did Shah Rukh Khan just upset fans?

Shah Rukh Khan is quite busy with his upcoming movie Raees promotions and looks confident about the movie success.


It would look like continuous promotional activities and hectic advertising rounds have taken a toll on Shah Rukh Khan. A group of about 25 fans were brought in to intermingle with King Khan at Mehboob Studios in Mumbai, in the approach to the release of Raees, but most of them had left the place disappointed.

SRK allegedly walked in sombre (very different SRK), even as fans applauded and clapped. Neither the tooting, nor the slogans about how much the admirers loved him fractured his mood. When one of his fans wished for an autograph on a picture, an adolescent from the actor’s team walked forward to take the picture, but we surprise if it ever made its way back to her.

Yet additional fan at the event wished that SRK touch her birthday cake. The odd request stanched from the fact that she had shared her birthday with Raees’ release, and that it would mean a lot to her. The hero though, didn’t gratify.

Some of the more dissatisfied fans were ones who had hovered down from abroad and were left great and dry with SRK’s cool attitude. One of them was overheard saying that the compelling persona they had of the hero had been torn to shreds.

This other fan was heard complaining that the meet-and-greet was but hogwash. “We have met actors like Salman Khan in the past. They have obliged us with reactions to all our queries with utmost tolerance and love. Moreover, Salman had even allowed us to have pictures with him. At least Shah Rukh could have posed for images with us. We were depressed of the chance and were alerted to not click any pictures from our mobile phones as well,” the fan stated.

One of the main problems the fans had was that SRK continued available for only 15 minutes of the one hour meet-and-greet that was assured to them.


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