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Diabetes: Lack of Awareness Brings Setbacks

Diabetes is the most common and majorly dangerous if not treated well.


Chennai: Rajakumar, a 52 years old visually weakened, never expected that he would lose his leg due to Diabetes. Being an agriculturalist, from Salianthopu, a small village nearby Chidambaram he is not having anyone to take care of himself except his younger brother and a mother of 80 years old. “Fifteen days before we transported him to M. V. Hospital for the test of diabetes, his blood glucose level was around 400mg/dL. The medics had said that his situation was hopeless and removed his left leg. Currently farming is a distant vision for him” said Rajakumar’s brother.

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He is among several other people who had missed their legs and work due to lack of consciousness on the influence of diabetes. “Single way to evade amputation is by enlightening the patients on foot care rehearses,” said Dr Vijay Vishwanathan, the head chief of diabetologist stream in M.V. Hospital for Diabetes, Royapuram through the silver jubilee festivity of the hospitals’ Podiatry service, done on yesterday.

The Doctor also said that “The statistics obtainable from the International Diabetes Federation display that every year 2 lakh diabetic patients experience eliminations of leg. Our task is to convey high-quality podiatry care at reasonable cost. In the past 25 years we have cured close to ninety thousand sufferers with foot infection and have assisted 97% of our patients.”

The hospital is also having an In-house factory, where focused footwear and Insoles are contrived for the diabetic patients with the assistance of CFTI. On this case, a foot care kit urbanized by the hospital was dispersed to the patients, who had experienced amputation and other persons whose legs had been protected from amputation. Info material on amputation prevention was out by the patients’ themselves.

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