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Dhruva movie review: Weak compared to its original, Thani Oruvan

It’s a tried and tested formula and now it is also while troubles start for the Telugu remake.


Later his rather weak ‘Bruce Lee’, actor Ram Charan has currently returned with ‘Dhruva’ a remake of the huge 2015 Tamil film, Thani Oruvan.

Surender Reddy is the director for the Telugu remake while Rakul Preet Singh plays the female lead. Dhruva is too the biggest Tollywood release since the demonetisation so, totally eyes are on this Ram Charan vehicle.

(Charan) Dhruva is an IPS officer who is on trial. He along by four of his colleagues are part of a group that steals criminals and most of their activities are carried out in top-secret. Dhruva, however, is on one more mission – on his own. He is convinced that a sequence of trivial cases is all connected and have faith in they are all part of a bigger conspiracy – being marked by someone extremely influential and arranged.

Here is before Siddharth Abhimanyu (Arvind Swamy) enters. He is a scientist and the youngster of a minister (Posani). Abhimanyu runs a medical company and he is portrayed as somebody who is clever and resourceful. Dhruva then, tells the story of a heroic police officer who is at war with somebody in a position of power. It’s a tried and tested method and here is also when troubles start for the Telugu re-create.

Surender Reddy, no doubt, is an expert director. He can handle big missions and is careful. However, the Telugu version is very weak related to the Tamil original which was totally gripping. One just cannot look away later Thani Oruvan starts. But Dhruva seem like to have added some needless ‘entertainment weight’ with five extra tunes (the Tamil version had just one) and the presence of a superstar – Ram Charan. Dhruva seems more intent on carrying Charan’s starpower than just a lean and mean writing. Which is why the re-creation’s narrative is slow compared to the original. If the original was a Ferrari, Dhruva is a big van full of boring procedure.

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When it moves toward to the performances, Ram Charan has managed to steal the show with his change. He looks smart and takes along in sufficient personality to back up his character’s hero identifications. Arvind Swamy too, looks good but his personality has been reduced to just a handsome face in the Telugu remake. He is fantastic in the Tamil original but then here, he is plain and is completely lacking in emotion. There is a scene which recaps us of his range but that’s pretty much it – Swamy in Dhruva absences horsepower. Rakul Preet’s character has been partial but she has managed to pack in a commendable act. Posani, Randheer and others stay strictly okay.

Dhruva is a re-creation that has gone very incorrect. Of course, moviegoers who have not viewed the Tamil original can catch Dhruva and give it as a completely new picture. But we all know the script is not original. Its cut, copy, paste and mulled up. Even the dialogues are the same! Dhruva is an intelligent show that tells the tale of two smart people who are at war but those extra songs simply get the quality down. It’s almost as if we here are compelled by certain unexplained force to add more of this ‘entertainment weight’.

Dhruva’s producers had a ready, proven, super-hit script in front of them up to somebody decided that’s not enough.

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Dhruva movie review: Weak compared to its original, Thani Oruvan
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