Friday , March 22 2019

Denim blooms

Practical and comfy denim has gone cute and ornate this period in its hand-embroidered avatar.


Comfortable, utilitarian, long lasting and trendy — denim has always topped our list for being the go-to outline. From torn, widening, fitted and slouchy, we have been an observer to some of the main denim fashions over the years. But this season, it isn’t about which style of denims you wear but how they’re overstated — namely, with cool sampler. Intricately stitched denim has popped up on the airstrips and on certain of Hollywood and Bollywood’s casual style stars. So whether you’re drawn to flora, fauna or idiosyncratic abstract prints, embroidery will assuredly add a little something extra to the denim styles you previously love.

“Denim has ruled the domain of fashion since its beginning. A favourite among global and national fashionistas, this particular throwback elegance has never felt more right, right now,” states designer Ashish Soni. He says, “Denim customisation with cool cross-stitches along with the rise of bespoke designs and personalised patches, has taken hold of each cuff, collar and back pocket value its grommet and buttonhole. It was a hit in the 60s and I am happy to see it making fashionable wave now.”

Designer Jyoti Sachdev Iyer, on the other pointer, shares that the finest part about a hand-embroidered costume is the fact that every hand-embroidered cut is different — each one with its own riddle waiting to be resolved as you go along. She clarifies, “Hand sewing, I feel, is the ultimate antidote to huge mass-production and inexpensively manufactured material. And I am glad that our beloved denim is receiving roped in by this hand-made performance. A hand-embroidered garment gets unbelievable attention and care, and there’s a nature to it that you cannot ever get with a machine. It’s personal, it takes time, and it’s done by hand, with a charming yesteryear feel of rough stitching.”

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About how to attire an embroidered jeans, Ashish shares, “The basic is in the matching. It is best that you pair your floral overstated jeans with a simple white or black basic tee and impartial coloured flats or booties. No matter how much the preschool inside you wants to wear all of the flashy stuffs in your closet at the same period… balance.”

Whereas Jyoti advises, “You can go for numerous failsafe options. You can also try and channel two tendencies together — lace and denim, boho chic and denim, as stylish twilight ensembles. Floral sewing goes hand in hand with the ’70s stirred lace up specifying, so pick up a white lacy bodysuit and finish off the clothing with a lace up ballet level or go for floral embroidered jeans with a floaty white blouse and fringed ankle gumboots. Finish off your look with a layered collar to achieve the perfect ’70s brilliant look. A black polo neck, bomber jacket combined with embroidered denim will let your jeans be the focal piece. And if you are bold enough, then go all out and improve a statement colour modern blouse to your denim look. Just add fringed sandals and you’re good to go.”

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