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Demonetisation effects  fixed deposits, loans against stocks


Demonetisation had affected the small-scale companies and stock market largely in the last December 2016 . The people who are the borrowers of fixed deposits and stocks kept out of the way due to cash ban.

The recent data from Reserve Bank of India indicates that the deposits and loans against stocks, plays a significant factor of retail loans, contracted. However, the banking sector of retail loan rose to 13.4% in December 2016.
Records of last year show that the loans had ascended to 19.4% and the loans against fixed deposits have approved to 5.5% year on year in December to 60,000 crores when paralleled to a development of 6.4% around last year.  Loans over shares contracted 20.6% on an annual basis to Rs 4,700 crore in the last December 2016, demonetisation this is all due to demonisation.

Authorities say that the reasons are due to less focus by investors to sell loans and these loans are in cross-sold with other product loans. However,   this is all due to the issues which made the employees of a bank to mainly concentrate on handling demonetisation issues and they have not shown any concern over loans said, Harshal Patkar, who is an analyst at financial institutions, India Ratings, and Research.

There has been the correction in the values of indemnities for loans against shares. In the last month, the stock prices were restrained, due to which there was a deterrent to selling the loans. Few days after demonetisation, there was a correction in the stock prices and there was no incentive from the investor’s side to drive the product said, Patkar. Due to higher adjutancy of a loan to value ratio, the debtors’ risk of desire also impacted on it. Borrowers mainly prefer their savings to be done through fixed deposits and stocks because when they need funds the interest rate on loans is lower than loans without security.

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