Tuesday , March 26 2019

Dasara Preparations have started in Vijayawada

10 lakh devotees are expected at Kanakadurga temple in Vijayawada for the festival of Dasara.


Vijayawada: With the screen falling on the war for supremacy between the city police and Kanakadurga temple specialists, preparations for Dasara celebrations are on.

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 A synchronization committee will embrace a meeting to chalk out the imminent course of action. It is anticipated that about 10 lakh devotees will take part in the Dasara celebrations.

The meeting will emphasize on security measures. Kanakadurga temple EO, Surya Kumari, stated, “We are going onward with the “Devotee First” perception.

The foremost task is giving easy Darshanam to devotees. There was a variance of opinion amid the city police and Kanakadurga temple specialists about the first Puja on the instance of Dasara.

The police commissioner used to give sarees, saffron, turmeric, Bangles to goddess Kanakadurga as a part of this.

The temple specialists protested to this. Surya Kumari, yet, ruled out any rift amid the police and temple supervision.

The complete police department is set to extend their maintenance to make the Dasara celebrations a huge success, she stated.

Surya Kumari also stated that the temple authorities are planning to provide five queue lines to assist devotees.

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